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Turn your home into a palace with a beautiful Herringbone floor

As interior design statements go, there are few things that can match the beauty of a herringbone floor. In the world of interiors it has been a timeless classic for almost five hundred years. However, the origins of herringbone stem back even further. The Romans were the first to use herringbone when laying their famous roads. They discovered that laying bricks at right angles in the direction of traffic provided stability, and longevity. Whilst the Romans continued using this method through until the middle ages it wasn’t until the 16th century that they became an interior design choice.

The first wood flooring to use herringbone was fitted in the Francois 1 Gallery at the Chateau de Fontainebleau in 1539. Not surprisingly it was designed and produced by Italian craftsmen whom Francois had hired from Italy. It became immediately popular, and started a fashion in patterned wood flooring. This trend continued through the seventeenth century into the latter half of the eighteenth century. As it became ever more popular, parquet was installed in castles, palaces, and private homes of the wealthy all over Western Europe.

It first appeared in England during the seventeenth century courtesy of Queen Henrietta Marie, who married Charles I. When refurbishing Somerset House, her official residence, she employed Inigo Jones, who brought a touch of the French court with new parquet floors throughout. The desire for herringbone continued during the following centuries, most notably in Paris during the Haussmann era when a large scale planning effort rebuilt much of the city. A significant number apartments featured new oak herringbone floors. 

Our range offers a full selection of traditional solid wood block floors which are hand finsihed on site to your own specification. They can be laid with a two block border, and contrasting wenge insert. If you have under floor heating select from our Modena range. It is engineered to the highest standards, and can be fitted with the same two block border, or without if preferred. For a more contemporary look our Vienna range is available in six stunning shades to suit most interiors. The bevelled edge defines each board. It is perfect for under floor heating due to its engineered construction. If you can’t find the exact herringbone floor we can make it for you. Please contact us with your requirements, and we will do the rest.

These floors live on today in art galleries, luxury hotels, private residences, and places of worship throughout the world. If you have visited The National Gallery, or Westminster Cathedral, your feet, amongst millions of others will have walked over an original oak herringbone floor. Claridges, and The Savoy hotel, which has been recently refurbished, are fitted with oak herringbone floors in their rooms and suites. A beautiful floor that is both practical and durable. They have stood the test of time providing elegance, and sophistication. It is why interior design teams today continue to specify them for discerning clients.

We also offer an extensive range of Luxury Vinyl Tiles from well known brands such as Amtico, and Karndean, amongst others. A variety of plank sizes are available, and they provide the added benefit of low, to no maintenance, whilst being completely waterproof. The surface finishes are continually improving replicating real wood down to every small detail. These are perfectly suited for bathrooms and kitchens, or any area where moisture may be an issue. If you are considering electric under floor heating they are the perfect solution. Get in touch with your herringbone requirements today, our team will be only too happy to help.