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Malabar Two Fold - Tungsten
Malabar Two Fold
Richelieu Velours - 8501
Richelieu Velours
  • Malabar Two Fold - Tungsten
    Malabar Two Fold
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  • Richelieu Velours - 8501
    Richelieu Velours

The finest selection of carpets

Most of our carpets are supplied with 50% reduced luxury grade underlay and free delivery.

Our extensive range of carpets includes well known British manufacturers such as Cormar, Brockway, Penthouse, Westex, Adam, Ulster Carpets, Hugh Mackay, Abingdon, Axminster and Victoria Carpets. Alongside these well-established names, we have forged relationships with exciting smaller companies such as Jacaranda, Elements London, Weston Hammer, Crucial Trading, Fibre, Alternative Flooring and ITC. As Preferred Retail Partners you can view their full range in our Surrey carpet showroom.

Type & design

Natural Tweed - Harris


After years in the design wilderness, the patterned carpet is back. Today’s patterned carpets range from the chic and sophisticated to the quirky and playful, making them incredibly versatile and suitable for any room in your home.

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Panache - Stripe - Boutique


A striped carpet can draw the eye inwards and make an instant visual impression. They’re also particularly effective in larger, open-plan spaces, where the stripes and colours help to bring different areas together in a coherent way.

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Wool Croft Jura - Loop


As its name suggests, loop pile carpets are constructed with carpet yarn that is looped, similar to the construction of knitwear – generally, wool, nylon or a mix of the two - which are sewn to the backing material and left uncut, then tufted to create texture.

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Hugh Mackay - Tartan Collection - Weathered Buchanan


Tartan has a reach and appeal far beyond its native Scotland. With its bold patterns and colours, tartan carpet can be simultaneously traditional and contemporary, classical and funky, making it incredibly versatile.

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Campeone Collection - Richmond - Mist


With its rich colours and dense, luxurious texture, velvet carpet is a truly opulent choice. A velvet carpet is an investment: made from the finest wool it commands a higher price point than loop or twist carpet, but can literally last a lifetime.

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Primo Choice - Zinc


Plush carpets are made by shearing the tops of fibre loops during manufacture to create a dense, even surface texture. The clean-cut look of a plush carpet is particularly effective with solid colours and gives a smooth, soft, luxurious look and feel.

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Dimensions Heathers - Wild Raspberry


Twist pile carpets derive their name from the yarn from which they are made. All carpet yarn is twisted to create strength and durability. The yarn in twist pile carpets have the tightest twist, hence the name.

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Jute Big Boucle - Crumpet

Plant Fibre

Carpets made from plant fibres offer great, natural alternatives to wool, nylon and other yarns. The two main plant fibres used in carpet-making are sisal and jute. Sisal is highly sustainable, biodegradable and is generally grown organically.

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Wool - Quirky B Geo - Black


Geometric carpets are particularly effective on staircases, landings, hallways and other high-traffic areas, where their patterns and colours can help to hide general wear and tear.

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Best Wool - Nature - Jeddah

Best Wool

Best Wool has been designing, manufacturing and distributing beautiful woollen carpets and rugs since 1982.

Panache - Stripe - Boutique

Adam Carpets

Adam Carpets have been creating fine quality carpets since 1869 and many of their specialist skills have been passed down to different generations of the same family.

Smartstrand - Incasa - Camel


Created in 2005, SmartStrand was the first carpet to combine built-in stain protection with nano technology spill shield.

Malabar Two Fold - Tungsten

Cormar Carpets

Cormar Carpets is the largest British carpet manufacturer with a wealth of experience dating back to 1965.

Elements London - Synergy - Gold Coast

Elements London

We supply and install the full range of Elements London carpets across Surrey, Berkshire, Hampshire, London and home counties.

Ulster Carpets - York Wilton - Courtyard Grey

Ulster Carpets

Ulster Carpets have been manufacturing carpet since 1983 and have been working with modern day interior designers to keep creating bold and stylish carpets.

First Impressions - Vision

Victoria Carpets

Victoria Carpets have been creating beautiful woven carpets since 1859, creating a name for themselves within the textile industry.

Sisal - Devine - Rich Caramel

Crucial Trading

Crucial Trading lead the way in carpet design and were the first to introduce stripes which have been widely copied.

Jute Big Boucle - Crumpet

Alternative Flooring

Alternative Flooring design and manufacture carpets, rugs and runners made from the finest wool, sisal, coir, seagrass, jute and faux materials from around the world.

Dimensions Heathers - Jaguar

Brockway Carpets

Brockway Carpets are a family run business, with an excellent reputation of reliable-long lasting carpets.

Hugh Mackay - Tartan Collection - Weathered Buchanan

Hugh Mackay

Hugh Mackay is a British brand that was founded in 1903 by Hugh Mackay himself.

Jacarnda - Rampur - Smoke


acaranda have been supplying luxury handmade carpets, manufactured in India using the finest yarns of Tencel and Viscose materials.


Visit our showroom

A visit to our showrooms will allow you to view our extensive range of carpets including British manufacturers such as Cormar, Brockway, Penthouse, Westex, Adam, Ulster Carpets, Hugh Mackay, and Victoria Carpets. Alongside these well-established names, we are excited to offer you beautiful carpets by Jacaranda, Elements London, Hammer, Crucial Trading, Fibre, Riviera, Alternative Flooring and ITC. 

If you are looking for other types of flooring we offer the largest range of wood flooring, LVT’s, stair runners, and rugs under one roof anywhere in the country. We offer a comprehensive installation service for all our carpets and flooring. Contact a friendly member of the team to find out more.

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Putting the customer first

With 30 years’ experience supplying high quality floor coverings, we have a real understanding of our customers, their expectations and requirements, and the things that really matter to you. We know that new flooring represents an investment, so we offer friendly, honest and impartial advice to help you buy with confidence.