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We offer a comprehensive installation service for luxury vinyl tiles

Luxury Vinyl Tiles are resilient floor coverings made by such brands such as Amtico and Karndean. They emulate natural materials such as stone, wood, marble and terrazzo. Tiles are cut from high-quality rigid vinyl sheets which are 2mm to 3mm thick with a tough wearing top layer. The tiles can be laid in various patterns including faux grout strips for stone and marble, and borders for wood planks and herringbone. We supply and install a wide variety of Luxury Vinyl Tiles including the complete range by Amtico and Karndean across Surrey, Hampshire, Berkshire and the home counties.


Luxury Vinyl Tiles are hard wearing, easy to clean and completely waterproof so are ideal for bathrooms, kitchens, and busy family homes. They are warmer underfoot than stone or marble and are flexible so can be fitted over suspended timber floors without concern for cracking and failure. They are easy to clean and can be wiped over with a cloth and wet cleaned with a mop.

Under floor heating

Luxury Vinyl Tiles are thin so let heat pass through easily and are perfect for use over electric and water-based systems. For electrical systems several coats of levelling compound can be required to cover the heating element completely. It is important that the element is covered with a minimum of 3mm of levelling compound to prevent any damage to the new floor covering. High temperature adhesive should be always be used to prevent failure. Systems should be cycled to ensure they work correctly prior to being covered with new flooring.

Sub-floor preparation

Sub-floor preparation is critical to a successful installation. It is important that the sub-floor is clean, dry and flat prior to laying Luxury Vinyl Tiles. As they are relatively thin any imperfections in the sub-floor will be noticeable. Preparation varies according to the condition of the sub-floor, with consideration for existing floor coverings and old adhesive residues.

Construction Work

If you are building a new home, or undertaking construction work, we recommend you read our dedicated technical page. Installation techniques differ depending on the sub-floor.

Concrete Sub-floors

For new concrete sub-floors, we will check for residual construction moisture with a non-invasive hygrometer. Once the concrete is sufficiently dry, we will lay a self-levelling compound to ensure the floor is smooth, level, and flat. Levelling compounds are usually laid 3mm thick, although they can be laid thicker, or built up in several layers. We usually return the following day to start laying the Luxury Vinyl Tiles bonding them directly to the levelling compound with the appropriate adhesive.

Timber Sub-floors

With timber sub-floors, whether floorboards, or chipboard, we prepare using flooring grade 6mm plywood fixed at 150mm centres. As timber sub-floors don’t hold moisture a damp test is not required. The joints and fixings are smoothed over with a special flexible smoothing compound which dries in 30 minutes. Installation of the Luxury Vinyl Tiles can start once the smoothing compound has dried.

Existing Floor Coverings

We remove existing floor coverings and dispose of them in our own facility. Sub-floor preparation varies according to the existing floor covering. Most should be removed; however, stone and ceramic can be covered with levelling compound if the sub-floor is concrete.

Stone and Ceramic

If the existing ceramic or stone floors are fitted over a concrete sub-floor these can be covered with a special levelling compound. If you prefer these can be removed and the floor levelled, however it is likely that two coats will be required to cover the existing tile adhesive that will remain. If the existing tiles are laid on timber sub-floors these should be removed, and the sub-floor prepared with 6mm plywood as described above.

Wood Flooring and Laminate

Existing wood flooring and laminate will need to be removed before installing the new flooring. The sub-floor should be prepared in accordance with directions above. If the existing floor covering has been fitted underneath skirting boards, architraves and door linings there will be gap once the flooring has been removed. Luxury Vinyl Tiles are thinner than laminate and wood flooring so the sub-floor will need to be raised to fill this gap. If the sub-floor is concrete several layers of levelling compound can be used, or thicker plywood for timber sub-floors.


If you are covering a large area, we recommend delivering the tiles 48 prior to installation during winter months to allow for acclimatisation. The property should be weather tight and in a habitable condition. Heating should be switched on to a comfortable level. Under floor heating should be switched off, with temporary heating used (if required) to maintain a minimum temperature of 18 degrees.

Laying Patterns

One of the key benefits of Luxury Vinyl Tiles is the ability to create your own bespoke floor. Stone effect can be laid with faux grout strips which are available in a variety of thicknesses and colours. Tiles and be laid straight, or at 45 degrees, either with or without a border. Herringbone parquet wood effect tiles can be laid with a traditional two block border and with a contrasting inlay between. You can mix different colours together to create a floor that is entirely unique. 

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