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Louis De Poortere - Mad Men Jacobs Ladder - Tribeca Blue 8927
Louis De Poortere - Mad Men Jacobs Ladder - Tribeca Blue 8927
Harlequin - Yasuni Cerise 40405
Harlequin - Yasuni Cerise 40405
Bluebellgray - Amal 19707

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The right rug can transform a room’s look and feel, but with so many materials, patterns, sizes and styles available, it’s not always a straightforward choice. The obvious starting point is location: you’ll want and need very different things from living room rugs and a bedroom rug, for example. Then think what the rug’s purpose is: are you looking to add warmth and comfort, make a style statement, create the illusion that the room is larger or smaller than it really is, separate the room into zones or tie everything together. You also need to consider practical matters like the amount of foot traffic your new rug will have to withstand, how likely it is to have things dropped or spilled on it, how much time and effort do you want to spend keeping it clean, and so on.

Design & type


Shaggy rugs are best suited to bedrooms, living rooms and other rooms where you'll be walking without shoes; we don't generally recommend them for hallways and high-traffic areas, where constant footfall will flatten the pile over time.

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A textured rug is a simple, effective way to give your room a richer, more ‘layered’ feel. If your overall décor is neutral and minimalist, a hand-tufted textured rug adds visual interest and warmth

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Rugs in a single, solid colour can be far more visually dramatic and stylish than the term ‘plain’ implies. You can use a plain rug in all kinds of imaginative ways to create contrast and atmosphere and influence how a room looks, feels and ‘flows’.

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The term ‘modern rug’ covers a huge span of colours, designs, textures and ideas. What they share is a rejection of florals, paisleys, stripes and other traditional patterns, in favour of bold geometric shapes, innovative use of colour and a more open, informal and ‘artistic’ style.

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Abstract rugs add a real pop of visual interest and contrast to a room. They can be formal or playful, monochrome or multicoloured, restrained or riotous – and whatever your particular penchant, we have an abstract rug to suit.

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Patterned rugs are incredibly versatile, allowing you to create a multitude of different effects in any room in your home; they’re especially useful in high-traffic areas, where they can help to hide day-to-day wear and dirt.

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Bordered rugs make strong style statements with a clean, sharp, ‘finished’ look that works well in today’s cool, minimal spaces.

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A striped rug is a good option for a hallway, as it draws the eye inwards; stripes are also very forgiving in high-traffic areas, where they hide everyday scuff and marks.

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Louis De Poortere

In recent years Louis De Poortere have grown into one of the pre-eminent rug producers with their enviable range of stylish flat-woven design led rug collections. As preferred retail partners we are pleased to offer the full range of Louis De Poortere rugs.


Morris & Co

Renowned for wallpaper and fabric designs, over the next 150 years, the company became known simply as Morris & Co. The design archives now owned by the Sanderson family continue producing the classic designs for fabric, wallpapers and furnishings such as their beautiful Morris & Co rug collection.



The word Harlequin means ‘varied in colour or decoration’, which sums up the in-house studio’s eclectic design ethos perfectly.If you are looking for a modern rug design browse Zeal Pewter which uses muted colour to great effect. If you prefer bolder colours the same design is available in Zeal Berry.


Ted Baker

Browse the full Ted Baker rug collection online including the paisley inspired Paisgeo set on a geometric background or the signature Ted Baker print in Porcelain Rose. Strong bright colours are used in the Mosaic rug which is offered in two colourways and three sizes.



You will find some well-loved designs in the beautiful collection of Wedgwood rugs, such as Wild Strawberry which is available in three colours and five sizes. Every Wedgwood rug is woven using the finest wool by world renowned rug brand Brink & Campman.


Brink & Campman

Brink & Campman have been manufacturing premium quality rugs in the Netherlands since 1897. Each rug is woven using the finest quality yarn using traditional techniques on modern machinery.



Scion is the newest brand of the Harlequin family which burst into life in 2012. Scion was conceived for modern living and filled a gap in the market for fresh, individual and reasonably priced home products.



Bluebellgray is all about fresh, uplifting and modern prints to add joyful colour to your home. Everything is created originally in the brand’s beautiful, studio in Scotland, staying true to the original vision.



You will find some classic designs amongst our offering of Sanderson rugs including floral designs such as Mapperton which is available in 3 colours and 5 sizes. New for this season is the beautiful geometric rug Empire Trellis which is woven with the finest quality wool and Tencel faux silk for the trellis design.


Florence Broadhurst

This premium collection, by rug specialists Brink & Campman, is inspired by her archive of work, reimagined as modern and elegant rugs. The series honours her adoration for colours and patterns, and includes illustrious designs, such as Turnabouts, Japanese Floral and Japanese Fans.


Orla Kiely

Orla Kiely was created in 1995 by Orla and Dermott Kiely, after observing a gap for bold patterns and striking colours in fashion. Renowned for their iconic floral designs and retro prints that can be found on bags, accessories, gifts, and homeware, including our selection of luxury rugs.


Visit our showroom

When placing an order with Higherground you can have confidence that we are much more than just an online shop. Unlike many online sellers we are an experienced dedicated flooring company operating from a traditional bricks and mortar showroom, with friendly staff ready to help.

Recently doubled in size our rug showroom now has 16 interconnecting rooms showcasing our most popular rugs. Here you can browse and borrow samples including Louis de Poortere, Brink & Campman, Ted Baker, Harlequin, Morris & Co, Sanderson, Wedgewood & ITC. If you live further afield, we can post large samples for a small returnable deposit. Contact us for more info. 

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Putting the customer first

With 25 years’ experience supplying high quality floor coverings, we have a real understanding of our customers, their expectations and requirements, and the things that really matter to you. We know that new flooring represents an investment, so we offer friendly, honest and impartial advice to help you buy with confidence.

Best Sellers

10% off Fading World Collection Medallion SaltFading World Collection Medallion Salt
10% off Mad Men Collection Griff Columbus Gold 8419 rug by Louis De PoortereMad Men Collection Griff Columbus Gold 8419 rug by Louis De Poortere
10% off Arris Teal Gold 37307 rug by WedgwoodArris Teal Gold 37307 rug by Wedgwood

Arris Teal Gold 37307

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10% off Seaweed Ink 28008 rug by MorrisSeaweed Ink 28008 rug by Morris

Seaweed Ink 28008

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10% off Zinnia 16505 rug by BluebellgrayZinnia 16505 rug by Bluebellgray

Zinnia 16505

From £427.50
10% off Zeal 43005 rug by HarlequinZeal 43005 rug by Harlequin

Zeal 43005

From £449.10
10% off Zeal 43004 rug by HarlequinZeal 43004 rug by Harlequin

Zeal 43004

From £449.10
10% off Zakouma Ochre 160606 rug by Ted BakerZakouma Ochre 160606 rug by Ted Baker

Zakouma Ochre 160606

From £440.10
10% off Zakouma Light Blue 160608 rug by Ted BakerZakouma Light Blue 160608 rug by Ted Baker

Zakouma Light Blue 160608

From £440.10
10% off Young 61807 rug by BrinkYoung 61807 rug by Brink

Young 61807

From £742.50
10% off Young 61806 rug by BrinkYoung 61806 rug by Brink

Young 61806

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10% off Young 61805 rug by BrinkYoung 61805 rug by Brink

Young 61805

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Young 61804

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10% off Young 61802 rug by BrinkYoung 61802 rug by Brink

Young 61802

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10% off Young 61801 rug by BrinkYoung 61801 rug by Brink

Young 61801

From £742.50
10% off Yeti Summit 52001 rug by BrinkYeti Summit 52001 rug by Brink

Yeti Summit 52001

From £539.10

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