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Rug Guru - Imperial Mid Mix

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If you're of a certain vintage, the very words 'shaggy rug' probably take you straight back to the 1970s (and not necessarily in a good way). The wall-to-wall shag-pile carpets that invaded countless living rooms in that benighted era have a lot to answer for and are now pretty rare; but the shaggy rug is a different matter. In fact, the shaggy rug is surging in popularity, as people rediscover the joys of the thick, soft, cosy look and feel of that distinctive long pile. A shaggy rug is a bold presence in a room so needs careful consideration alongside other textures and patterns in wall coverings and soft furnishings. Shaggy rugs are best suited to bedrooms, living rooms and other rooms where you'll be walking without shoes; we don't generally recommend them for hallways and high-traffic areas, where constant footfall will flatten the pile over time.

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