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Stair Rods

Tudor Brass-Dark

It's all in the detail.

If you have selected a beautiful Roger Oates stair runner, or opted for a bespoke taped stair runner you may want to complete the look with our range of stair rods. Before the advent of gripper, and fitting techniques we know today, stair rods were used to secure narrow width carpets to staircases. Today stair rods are used for purely aesthetic purposes to recreate that original style.

Our range of stair rods include various styles of finials such as acorn, ball, and acorn. Qualities vary from our Jubilee range through to our Premier Collection with options for every budget. Our finishes include pewter, satin nickel, brass, antique brass, satin brass, chrome, brushed chrome, and brushed nickel which perfectly match our premier range of thresholds. Our stair rods will provide the perfect finishing touch to your staircase.

Stair rods cannot be purchased online. Please click the button below to contact us to discuss your needs.

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