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Care Instructions

Take care of your outdoor rug by:

  • Vacuuming with no beater bar/rotating brush.
  • Spot clean with water, with mild detergent.
  • The backing may get soft once the rug gets wet, but this is a normal phenomenon. Air or sundry the rug and backing, it will go back to normal.
  • When the rug is cleaned or wet it would be good to move it from the area and turn it upside down to dry the backing and the surface underneath as the water goes through the rug.
  • When placed on an uncovered wooden patio deck we advise to remove and/or flip the rug during wet weather since it may cause mold or reaction between the latex and wood alkalis.
  • The rug is water resistant and should preferably be dried upside down.
  • To extend longevity of the rug we advise you to store it away during bad weather and winter months.

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