Elements London Silkresse - Zinc

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Luxury Silkresse carpet made from nylon 6.6. Available in a 4 metre width option.

£127 per m2
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Silkresse – Zinc


Spices, Jewels, precious metals and silk. On the ancient Silk Road, there was one thing prized above all others. A yarn so soft, so sumptuous that it was worth trekking hundreds of miles for. Deeply luxurious, this collection is one to revere, too. Think recycled content equals sustainability? That’s only part of the story. Product durability, quality and performance extend a products life. And a longer product life, or its First Life™, can play a significant role in reducing environmental impact by lowering premature consumption of resources and eliminating processes over time. Carpets made from Antron® nylon last up to 75% longer than the majority of competitive nylon carpets*, and that’s better for the environment and your wallet.


No Underlay, Luxury Grade, Super Luxury


Elements London

Room Suitability

Bedroom, Dining Room, Hallway, Living Room, Stairs



Pile Weight (g)



Nylon 6.6

Under Floor Heating

If you have under floor heating please contact the showroom on 01276 63809 for a tog rating.