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Roger Oates Masai Indigo stair runner carpet in Hampstead London property fitted to staircase with winders

A staircase can become a beautiful centrepiece with a carefully chosen stair runner

In recent years stair runners have enjoyed a resurgence with interior designers, and homeowners. With an increasing range of bold new modern designs, beautiful patterns, and array of colour options staircases have become the design statement in many homes. The origin of the stair runner stems from a time when carpeting was limited to the widths of the looms on which it was made. Modern methods of manufacture offering broadloom carpet would come some time later. These earlier woven materials were used for hallway runners, area rugs, and on staircases where the narrow widths were perfectly suited. In those times runners would be fixed using metal rods, and brackets to keep them from moving. Improved installation methods today use hidden fixings  which provide a more contemporary finish. If you want to keep that traditional look we offer a comprehensive range of stairrods in various qualities, and styles. Due to the modern fixing methods the rods are now used for aesthetic purposes only. 

There are a number of design options available to create your perfect stair runner. You can select any broadloom carpet from our extensive range which can be cut and shaped to your stairs. The edges can be finished with a cotton edging to match, or choose from our range of tapes. These are available in numerous colours, and fabrics including cotton, linen, suede, leather, faux suede, and faux leather. Our range also offers detailing such as herringbone, chevrons, and stripes. This allows you to match other fabrics such as curtains bringing cohesion to an overall scheme. Where stairs turn, the carpet can be cut to follow the shape as a traditional style runner, or to suit your own preference. If you opt for a runner cut from a broadloom carpet, the same quality can be fitted to the landing, and other areas which will provide consistency throughout your home. A popular choice is to use stripes on the stairs, either as a runner, or fully fitted, with a coordinating plain for the landing, and other rooms. If you have stairs that turn, be careful when using stripes as they will fall out of line. The same consideration should be given for staircases with quarter landings, and turns.  

If you are looking for a runner that encompasses all of those original design cues look no further than our beautiful range from Roger Oates. Designed and manufactured in England using the finest quality wool these stunning designs are produced on original 18th century looms. The founder, Roger studied textile design at what is now UCA Farnham. His interest in traditional methods of weaving brought him to the idea of recreating the traditional stair runner. The humble stair covering of yesteryear has been given a modern makeover with his striking contemporary designs. Traditional weaving methods combined with bold colours make for a staircase statement in any style of home. Once made each roll of material is painstakingly checked by hand before being released, just as it would have been two centuries before. The soft, subtle material can be manipulated to fit around stairs that turn and wind so patterns hold their shape, and lines line up. If you want stripes on your stair runner this material is the only way to go. For staircases with quarter landings or half turns, the material can be cut, mitred and stitched together allowing the runner to follow the exact configuration of your stairs. 

For a greater insight into this traditional method please check out our two minute video here kindly provided by Roger Oates. 

If you would like to discuss your requirements in more detail please get in touch with our team. We will take into consideration your stair configuration, budget, and design style. We are experienced in all types of stair runners, and properties, and can provide unbiased advice to ensure you achieve your perfect staircase statement.

Roger Oates stair runner carpet to period Chelsea London property with mitred half landing
Roger Oates Trent Airforce Blue stair runner carpet in Clapham London with mitred landing
Roger Oates Dart Otter stair runner carpet in Kensington London home to winding staircase

Published : 16/11/2016 09:41:21
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