Rugs in a single, solid colour can be far more visually dramatic and stylish than the term ‘plain’ implies. You can use a plain rug in all kinds of imaginative ways to create contrast and atmosphere and influence how a room looks, feels and ‘flows’. When choosing a plain rug, think first about the colour of your existing flooring: if you have light-coloured carpet or pale wood, a dark rug will stand out to make a statement; for something more subtle, consider a cream or neutral-coloured rug. Then, decide whether you want your plain rug to complements your existing décor – by picking out colours from the wall covering or furniture – or provides a contrast. Plain rugs can also be used to produce optical effects. A dark plain rug will tend to make a room feel smaller and more intimate, while a plain rug in a lighter colour is a simple way to create a sense of space. At Higherground, we have a huge selection range of plain rugs in wool and nylon, in colours ranging from neutral beige, grey, cream and brown to glorious red, pink and purple.

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